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Eyomama Security Consulting cc is a 100% black owned female security company. The company is run and managed by all three women members who are active in the business, operating as a legally registered Close Corporation. An Association Agreement has been entered into between the members, which stipulate the operational conditions of the members.


The company intends to boost the business as an important efficient and excellent provider of security services to organizations, companies and institutions with uncompromising commitment to crime dismantling. It seeks to strengthen and maintain security corporate presence and identity in the surrounding cities, suburbs, townships and villages with the intention of extending provincially and nationally. The executive owners aim to run a professional security service guided by relevant Legislations, Policies and Procedures.

  • Poverty alleviation through creation of sustainable decent jobs.
  • Add value into the long term development plans of the local and provincial governments for the Eastern Cape Province as well as national.
  • Provide easily accessible service and clear lines of communication with clients and communities.
  • Adhere to the security industry principles and Code of Ethics.
  • We seek to be recognized as a leading provider of security services for our clients by providing intelligent security measures for their business adventures
  • With our employees various skills, we intend to offer growth, development and equal opportunities, ensuring that business operates in crime-free environment.
  • Eyomama Security Consulting aspires to create a large employer base in the country and also be a profitable and cost efficient security company that benefits the people of the area. Our women in business network will strive to maintain the corporate security identity that carries with it the responsibility of ensuring that the services rendered are in a similar manner nationally.

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